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May Tarotscopes


Flip Your Perspective

By Jordan Parker Reed

Introducing Tarotscopes, a personalized tarot reading for all 12 horoscopes. Growing up, I loved reading my horoscope and discovering more about myself. So, if you’re like me and appreciate a timely horoscope that’s influenced by the teachings of the tarot, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get to it, shall we?

The card for the month of May is The Hanged One and The Moon

The Hanged Man  The Moon
Spring is a time of year that is always so full of promise. It’s also chock full of change, transitioning from one season to the next. If we live by nature’s example, we can use this as a time to evolve and transition into the next chapter in our lives.

The cards for the month of May are The Hanged One and The Moon—two very potent cards. The Hanged Man encourages us to flip our perspective, to observe things in a different light so that we may learn and grow on a deeper level. The Moon beckons us to go deeper, to get familiar with those parts of ourselves that we keep hidden away. Together, they invite us to throw off any facade we’re hanging onto and live more authentically and deeply.

Read on to discover your individual horoscope’s tarot message for this month...

Taurus: Son of Wands

You’re experiencing forward momentum this month—things may start to pick up for you in terms of work and life in general. Rest and recalibrate when you can. When things are moving fast, it’s easy to lose focus. Take some time each day for quiet meditation or deep breathing so that you can re-center. 

Gemini: The Hermit

You may feel tempted to stack your calendar with social engagements and hangouts this month, but what you really need is to focus on your internal growth. This means getting quiet and spending some quality alone time with yourself. With The Hermit, together with this month’s overarching themes of The Moon and The Hanged One, this energy of coming home to yourself is extremely strong. Don’t ignore this powerful message, Geminis!

Cancer: Eight of Swords, reversed

The Eight of Swords depicts a woman, bound and blindfolded, surrounded by swords. However, the rope that binds her is not tight, and she could easily cut herself free. This card symbolizes vulnerability and feeling trapped. In the reversed position, though, it indicates that you are discovering your own power. You’re realizing that no one truly has control over you—you are the one in the driver’s seat. Lean into this power and realization; it will help you grow strong and confident moving forward.

Leo: Justice

You’re having to make some tough choices this month, ones that will test your core values. Try not to be too rash or quick to make a decision, as they could affect more than just yourself. The Justice card is all about seeing both sides to every situation. Be impartial, but don’t be afraid to lean on your intuition in moments of doubt.

Virgo: Three of Coins

Rely on others’ support this month and don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice when life gets overwhelming. Everyone has wisdom to share from their own life experiences. The Three of Coins often symbolizes a connection with someone who may have an impact on future endeavors. Someone you meet or someone you already know could mean more down the road. 

Libra: Judgment

Have you been feeling as if you’ve been judged too harshly this month? Or, have you passed unfair judgment on someone else? Come back to those moments and ask yourself if you are living by your core values. If not, it could mean that an apology or honest conversation is in order.

Scorpio: Daughter of Pentacles

Prepare to have a plethora of new ideas and inspiration this month. Enjoy this momentum and newfound energy! You’ll feel light on your feet and passionate about the work that you’re involved in. Use this to your advantage and ride this wave of purpose and drive. 

Sagittarius: Justice

You’ve been greatly affected by the injustices going on in the news lately, and it’s weighing heavy on your heart. Reach out for support in your community—let your voice be heard by those around you. It could mean talking to people or writing what you’re feeling. But either way, explore these emotions coming up within you. They shouldn’t be ignored.

Capricorn: Son of Wands

You’re riding a wave of productivity this month. Your thoughtful, well-timed decisions are impacting your future goals and you’re getting them done. Give yourself a pat on the back—these accomplishments are well-deserved! You’ve been hard at work and it’s paying off by giving you the drive to keep moving forward. 

Aquarius: Ace of Pentacles

Ace cards in the tarot signal new beginnings. With the Ace of Pentacles, you may come across a worthwhile opportunity or new venture this month. So, be on the lookout! In the spirit of The Hanged Man and The Moon, keep your core values in mind when this opportunity arises. 

Pisces: Six of Wands

There could be much to celebrate this month! Relish this time with gratitude and enjoy these moments. In fact, it’s a reminder to not just celebrate goals when they are accomplished, but to celebrate the many steps along the way toward that goal. This card is a reminder that there is ALWAYS something to celebrate in life. 


Aries: The World

You’re experiencing clarity in many aspects of your life. This is a time when things begin to make sense that didn’t previously. You’re reminded of all the events and people who led you to where you are and you’re able to embrace these lived experiences with joy and gratitude. A truly incredible feeling. Pass that feeling onto others who need it this month. 

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