Everything You Need to Know About Yoni Eggs

These little love stones are super interesting and worth finding out about - especially if you’re open to exploring your sensuality and harnessing your feminine powers. 

So, Yoni Eggs - if you don’t know what they are, you must be dying to find out. We’ve got everything you need to know, right here:

What is a Yoni Egg?

Despite sounding somewhat New Aged, Yoni Eggs have been around for a long, long time. In fact, it’s thought that women have practiced with these stone eggs for over 5,000 years! In China’s Royal Palace, empresses and concubines used jade eggs to access their sexual powers, awaken their sensuality and enjoy amazing health until a ripe old age.

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The word “Yoni” is actually Sanskrit to describe the female genitalia and means ‘sacred space’. Damn gurrl - we know it is, right?! The Yoni symbol has been worshipped in Eastern Cultures since ancient times and is thought to bestow life, creativity and of course, love.

These days, a Yoni Egg is an egg-shaped crystal which is worn inside the yoni…. that is to say inside your vagina. There, we said it! The V word! Girls, let’s embrace this word and appreciate everything that this wonderful part of our anatomy is about. Now, a Yoni Egg is not just any old crystal, so please don’t get carried away before reading the rest of this article.

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The three types of crystal eggs generally used are: Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg, Rose Quartz Yoni Egg, and Black Obsidian Yoni Egg. These stones have been used for thousands of years and have stood the test of time - both safety and otherwise. Do your research and make sure you’re buying a crystal that is 100% safe to wear internally. That’s why we’re here! To share what we know and help you make a great decision in buying your precious Yoni Egg.

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But….. why?

Hmmmm, good question. It may all sound a bit out of left field, but we can think of a few reasons why practicing with a Yoni Egg is something we should all try:

  • Regular practice increases your libido and awakens sensuality. Hello!
  • It heals energy blockages and awakens sexual energy. We’re all about that!
  • It may help increase your natural lubrication - yes, please!
  • It tightens the vaginal walls and awakens tissues, organs, and muscles. It also promotes new nerve growth and increases overall sensitivity. This may lead to increased orgasms, different types of orgasm and even stronger orgasms… and we’re not gonna argue with that!
  • It may overcome some infertility issues and may make childbirth easier, with less tearing of tissues during birth.
  • It strengthens the pelvic floor to help with incontinence.  
  • You’ll gain control over your vaginal muscles…. We can think of a few great benefits to be enjoyed from this - for you and your partner!
  • It may reduce PMS, menstrual cramps and the duration of your periods. We like the sound of that!
  • And it improves your overall health and well-being…. We know you guys are big fans of that!

How to use a Yoni Egg

The part you’re no doubt all dying to know - how to actually use a Yoni Egg. We were as intrigued as you are! And the good news is - it’s really very straightforward.

The first step is to choose a Yoni Egg that best suits you. You should select a crystal that appeals to you and is 100% safe to be worn internally. Yoni Eggs are always made from semi precious stones which all natural and free of artificial chemicals, we don’t recommend you use anything else. Traditionally, Nephrite Jade is considered to be the best Yoni Egg for basic wear and practice and is a great stone for beginner use. Not only this but it helps heal the female reproductive system and balances hormones, too. There are other eggs to choose from and at the end of the day, it’s a very personal decision that should be made by you and only you.

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Before you use your Yoni Egg for the first time, ensure it is cleaned and feels nice to hold in your hand. To clean it, simply wash it in hot water without soap or detergent. Don’t boil the egg, this damages its healing properties.

Before placing the egg inside you, you may wish to attach a string to it to retrieve it once your practice is over. You can simply use dental floss for this, tying it securely through the drilled hole in the egg.

Start your first (or any) Yoni Egg session in a relaxed environment complete with calming elements such as your favourite flowers or music, and soft lighting. Ensure you won’t be rushed and have plenty of time to relax by yourself - rushing off to work straight after placing the egg in your yoni is probably not going to be the most calming experience.

Relax into your Yoni Egg session with self-massage and gently working the egg until you are relaxed enough to place the egg gently into your yoni with little resistance. It’s easiest to do this if you are lying on your back. Use a little coconut oil or another natural lubricant if you’re finding it tricky to place the egg inside you at first.

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Once the Yoni Egg is inside you try to fully feel it in there, and if you can’t then try to visualize it being there. You can now try doing some pelvic floor strengthening exercises, such as the bridge, leg lifts and squats if you wish.

When the time comes to end your Yoni Egg session, you’ll feel it in your body. When this happens, simply give acceptance and thanks for the session and let it come to an end. You may wish to signal the end of your session with a meditation. Expel the egg by trying to push it out, using your vaginal muscles and pulling gently on the string. Take it easy, don’t force the egg out or push too hard - if you get the feeling the egg is “stuck”, simply lie down on the floor, on your back, relax and push gently.

Once you’re finished with your Yoni Egg, clean it with water and store it somewhere safe until you feel like you want to have another session. It’s as easy as that!

Thoughts on Yoni Eggs

We’re always open to trying new things to better increase our health, wellness, and spirituality. If it helps us to be mindful, focus our intentions and increase our energy - sexual or otherwise - then we like to think we have an open mind about trying it and we encourage all of our Astral Babes to do the same!

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Remember, exploring your spirituality and sensuality is up to you and there is never a steadfast right or wrong way of doing things. We love the Yoni Egg and its healing properties and if you’re intrigued then we highly recommend you give it a try too!

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