A couple acts of self-care to try today

The first ritual is Journal Prompts.

To get the most out of this exercise approach it with an open mind and without judgement. Write freely, without stopping to edit yourself or to correct any punctuation. Give it a try!

Journal Prompt #1: How does my family history affect the way I view money, relationships, and security? What’s my relationship to financial stability?

Journal Prompt #2: What negative patterns or thoughts do I struggle the most with? Are they triggered by specific circumstances or do they overlay everything I do? What are some strategies I can use to counteract them?

Journal Prompt #3: What do I want to learn more about this month? How can I create more opportunities for discovery, enlightenment, and gathering knowledge?


The second ritual is 'Call on Chance'.

Centre Your Mind

The first part of this ritual honors the ability to speak to our desire for exciting stimulation.

Find a book (or a few!) that you own. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it has words in it. Then, think of some things that have been bothering you lately. Perhaps it relates to a relationship with a friend, family member, or lover. Maybe you’ve been considering moving someplace else or altering the course of your career. Whatever it is, envision it in your mind. Connect to the emotions you feel surrounding it.


Call on Chance

When you have the situations close at heart, open up a book on a random page and place your finger on a line or passage. Then read it. What does it say about your present circumstance? This part of the ritual calls for some creativity, as you might have to stretch the meaning of the words to fit your purpose. If you aren’t satisfied with this response or want to know more, keep flipping the pages and landing on various lines until you have an answer (or perhaps more questions).


Write Your Reactions

Now write down your reactions to the passages you found. Were you surprised? Did they encourage you to think in a new light? There is wisdom in spontaneity and chance; what did you discover? There’s no right answer to these questions, just endless possibilities for interpreting and synthesizing. Have fun with it! It can be both a silly and serious process. 

When you’re done writing, mediate on how to incorporate this new knowledge into your own life. Did it give you guidance on how you can manifest these lessons into tangible change? Or did it show you a path that could lead you somewhere you’ve never been? Do this for as long as you feel it’s necessary.


Everyday Practice

You can find random wisdom everywhere. You can repeat the word-finding ritual in other books, newspapers, and magazines. You can ask for divine guidance by shuffling the music on your phone and seeing what song comes up. There are various ways to give meaning to aspects of your life that feel like pure chance or luck. It’s a creative (and stimulating!) ritual that’ll keep your restless mind centred and engaged during this New Moon transit.


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